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Columbia Aluminum Materials

Extruded Aluminum Products

All aluminum products are manufactured from 6063-T5 extruded aluminum. The following finishes are available:
Finishes D.I.Y. Finish Info.
0 = Mill Finish H - Grooved Silver
1 = Clear Anodized S - Clear Anodized
2 = Gold Anodized BDC- Brite Dip Clear
3 = Steel Primed B - Bronze
4 = Brite Dip Clear Anodized HG - Grooved Gold
5 = White Painted G - Gold Anodized
6 = Brite Dip Gold Anodized M - Mill Finish
7 = Satin Nickle Finish (US15)
9 = Bronze Anodized

Roll Form Aluminum

Roll form products are provided with a baked enamel finish.

Vinyls Products

Standard vinyls far exceeds the minimum standard specification in Commercial Standard CS 230-60, U.S. remains flexible down to -35°F (ASTM D-746).
• Tear Resistance (ASTM D-1004) at 50 lbs/in
• Elongation (ASTM D-412) 300%
• Tensile Strength (ASTM D-412) 1800psi

UL Ratings

Gasketing materials for firedoors are classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. These are intended for application to hollow metal- and steel-covered composite-type firedoors rated up to and including 3 hours, and wood-covered composite and wood care doors rated up to 1-1/2 hours. UL #R14639, R21668S

Santoprene (STP)

Monsanto Santoprene #251-80 is a thermoplastic rubber with flame retardents that have excellent resistance to compression set, ozone, ultraviolet exposure, fungus and mildew.

Silicone (S)

Silicone is an excellent rubber product that remains flexible at -100°F and resilient above 400°F. This material has excellent resistance to compression set, ozone, ultraviolet exposure, fungus and mildew.


Products displaying this symbol are 1/2" high or less, and have no more than a 1/4" vertical rise with slope portions not greater than 1:2. Meets requirements of ANSI A117.1-1980, 4:13.8 pt. 2, title 24, CAC Sec. 2-3303.


Items are bulk- or poly-wrapped, Individual poly wrap is a clear 2- or 4- mill poly bag that provides protection to the finish. Sills offered with 2" or full protective tape.

Fastener/Component Parts

Most products are provided with required fasteners and holes at no extra cost. Fasteners are plated to color match the products finish. All thresholds are punched or drilled for #10 Phillips wood screws. No. 6 Sheet Metal Screws (SMS) are provided with most door bottoms and weatherstrips. Anchors (#4458) are available at extra cost. Waterdrain and interlocking thresholds include all weep holes (no extra cost).

Columbia Aluminum Products, LLC ~ Stocking Policy

Columbia Aluminum Products stocking policy is to keep a quantity of our various profiles based on usage. Some styles may not be stocked due to small quantity usage. All styles are available in all colors on a custom order basis. Lead times on the non-stocked items will vary from 3-5 weeks.

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